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Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Deserve The Cover Of Vogue ? Sorry, Haters (and James Franco)

listener_new_rect The usual suspects include Sandra Bullock (five Vogue covers so far), Charlize Theron (five, too), Sarah Jessica Parker (six) and Nicole Kidman (seven). Among younger actresses, since her rise to fame, the willowy Rooney Mara has been on the cover twice; Sienna Miller, at no point anyones idea of a star, three times, including once on the much-coveted September issue that made her effectively the subject of the Vogue documentary The September Issue. Theres no denying that Vogue has a predilection toward the sort of cover model who fits a mold: Merely look at the reaction toward Girls creator Lena Dunhams making the cover, from those who sought to find out the degree to which Dunham had been airbrushed to fit a perceived Vogue mold to those who thought Dunham ought to lean into her uniqueness in a sea of generic starlets. Kardashians physical shape is unlike the willowy starlets who usually occupy the cover its the reason, indeed, shes famous, unlike usual cover models who appear in tasteful movies. Doubters aside, Kardashian should have been on the cover of Vogue months before. The worlds Sienna Millers are the women who are supposed to be on Vogue, and any time that mold is broken, it should be cause for celebration. Who would you rather read about, a character actress from a movie you half-remember or a woman at the very center of the culture?Vogue generally gets representation wrong. They airbrushed Adele and Kate Winslet beyond recognition in recent memory, and the last time a black man and white woman appeared together on the cover was a (perhaps subconscious) visual nod to King Kong .
Full story: http://www.salon.com/2014/03/24/kim_kardashian_and_kanye_west_deserve_the_cover_of_vogue_sorry_haters_and_james_franco/

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